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AOV Starter Preset Pack

by Prince McClinton

So you've been interested in using AOV presets to take your photos from average to epic, but not sure you're ready to make the investment in buying a complete preset pack or even sure which presets to buy?

Well, we have created the AOV Starter Preset Pack with you in mind! The AOV Starter Pack is for the artist looking to dip their feet in the water first before jumping in. This preset pack comes with 11 AOV light presets from a variety of packs we sell on our shop. It also comes with 11 toolkit corrections for improving your images.

What's included?


  • Adventure- Deep Sunrise/Sunset
  • Film-Chroma
  • Landscape-Landscape 14
  • Matte-Tea
  • PNW-Emerald Waters
  • Portrait-Cinematic Portraits
  • Travel-Vibrant Landscape
  • Snowfall-Winter Mood
  • Sunrise/Sunset-Sunset #15
  • Urban-Urban #15
  • Volume 1-Dark Vibe

Tool Kit-Starter Kit

  • AOV Reset
  • AOV Mid Contrast
  • AOV Auto Tone
  • AOV Light Grain
  • AOV Sharpen
  • AOV Auto WB
  • AOV Color Mute
  • AOV Color Pop
  • AOV Shadow Revive
  • AOV Highlight Save

AOV Starter Pack Before and After Photos:

Why would I use presets?

  • Save time
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Create a broad range of dynamic looks
  • Consistency
  • Customizable
  • Quick and painless batch editing


Special Offer

We would love for you to try out our new Starter Pack! So here is a discount code that will allow you to purchase it for less than the price of your Starbucks coffee. 

Use Code AOVSTARTER5 to purchase the starter pack for only $4.99

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