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 Artist Insight With Kristina Makeeva (@hobopeeba)

We finally had the chance to sit down with Kristina Makeeva (@hobopeeba). She has been in the AOV family from the beginning. We have all been waiting for the chance to know a bit of her story as well as her invaluable advice for all photographers and artists.

 My name is Kristina Makeeva, I’m a photographer from Moscow. Once, at the age of 16, I took the camera in my hands, and since then I have been shooting.

 What are you passionate about?

Our global project is called “Simple Magic Things”. We are looking for magic in everyday life. A project with dresses is a way to show how a person and his creations can organically fit into the beauty of this world, not yielding to him. The most important thing in photography is rhythms and unity.

What are the goals of the presets you created for us?

For me, the most important purpose of presets is to make the image processing process faster – you do not need to move the sliders for long to achieve a certain effect, but simply apply different presets and choose which one looks best.
If we talk about this set of presets, they are called – to make the world more colorful.

Do you have any tips and tricks for the community?

On the shooting front my best advice would be always make several frames with different framing so that the editing does not suffer from lack of space. If the photos do not have enough “air”, then you can always take it from the next frame. In general, digital photography does not need to be embarrassed to do many takes.
On the editing front there are a few things that I consistently do. 
  1. First, I select the desired snapshot / snapshots with the best movement, or facial expression, camera angle and so on.
  2. I set up in Camera Raw, sorting through various settings and presets.
  3. I open the camera in Photoshop and collect the frame I need from several if necessary.
  4. Depending on the task and the idea, I can make a collage.
  5. I save and transfer to the phone to put it on social networks.

Why did you create this set of presets?

To make the world more colorful

 What do we get with your preset pack

  • Blossom
During flowering, add brightness to your portraits, making the pink color more saturated.
  • Crimea
For landscape portraits at dawn, we make the colors brighter and more harmonious.
  • Library
For photos taken indoors, makes the colors more harmonious.
  • London Bus
Suitable for urban scenery with a predominance of red.
  • Montenegro
Adds “fabulous” to photos taken at sunset
  • People
Makes the colors bright and harmonious in the photo, taken in a room with predominantly yellow lighting.

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