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Behind The Lens - Josh Alvarez

Behind The Lens - Josh Alvarez

Behind The Lens - Josh Alvarez 

Where are you from?
I’m from New York but currently live in Charlotte, NC
How old are you?
I’m very old lol turning 35 in March
When did you first create art with a shutter?
I first starting taking photos with a canon rebel t3i almost 2 years ago
What keeps you inspired to keep shooting?
So many things keep me inspired to take photos like different artist work that I see everyday.. So many places I want to visit and just the love that I constantly get from my followers is amazing!

Your Favorite Place to shoot?

My favorite place to shoot used to be the 7 lakes in NY.. It was close to where I used to live and looked so amazing in fog!
Dream shoot location?
I don’t really have dream location only cause I feel like there’s billions of places to see and I want to visit them all!
What do you shoot with?
I currently only shoot with a sigma 24mm 1.4 on a Canon 6D

Favorite type of photography?
My favorite type of photography is hard to answer only cause I’m soooo bipolar hahaha! It all just depends on my mood. Some days I love nature some days I love the streets some days I love portraits. That’s why I incorporate so many things in my feed. I like to switch it up as much as possible.
What advice would you give people who are getting into photography?
My advice to anyone getting into photography is just make sure it’s fun for you cause if it’s not then it’s not for you! Take hundreds of pictures whenever you’re out, you can always delete the ones that come out blurry or whatever. I’m by no means the best photographer at all but I know if I take a hundred pictures of one object there’s guaranteed to be that one perfect shot! I still have a lot to learn myself.
What do you edit with?

Who inspires you?
So many people inspire me… I really appreciate everyone’s art! There’s no right or wrong to this at all. People put limits to art that’s not what it’s about!
“Be visually Inspired” That’s what we live by at Art Of Visuals. Its our goal to inspire as many artists as we can what does the Art of Visuals mean to you? what does sharing your art mean to you?

Sharing my art means so much to me. I get so humbled when people say my name as their favorite photographer knowing how many people are out there. I find it hard to believe but it sure feels good! I hope to continue to inspire others for many years to come!