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5 quick composition pointers!

By May 29, 2017 October 19th, 2017 No Comments

If you want to change up your composition in your photos, try these quick tips to take some new images!

Rule of thirds

Imagine breaking an image into 9 even rectangles. The rule of thirds says that placing the subject on the intersections of these rectangles makes the photo easier to engage with and more stimulating.

Areas of interest are along the third intersections

Leading lines

Having lines in the photo which guide your eyes towards the subject help to increase focus on the subject and make the photo more interesting.

A perfect example of lines leading towards the subject!


Using arches or door frames for example as a way to frame your subject provides a unique composition and makes the image more striking

Example of arches being used as a frame

Foreground interest

Including foreground interest in a landscape photo, is a great way to increase the interest and provide a sense of scale. Similarly, out of focus aspects in the foreground add extra an extra element to your photo, can help with framing, while not taking away from the subject.

I used myself as foreground interest in this one!

Make your own rules!

Basically, try something that you haven’t seen before! Photography rules are made to be broken. Anything can make an interesting image if done correctly. Try new things and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for reading and keep shooting! For more Tip&Tricks continue on!

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All photos shot with a Pentax K-50





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