@_Glopzz | A model relationship | respect above all else.

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Meet Gerson Lopez a Portrait photographer based out of Orlando/Tampa Florida. Picking up a camera to capture moments through his travels to NY, his style has slowly transformed into a polished editorial dream.

During this episode of the AOV podcast we sit down with Gerson to discuss the state of Instagram, the importance of diversity and most importantly, how to respectfully communicate with models on set.

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Time-Stamped Notes From This Episode:

  • 01:33: Basic Introduction.
  • 02:28: How did you get into photography?
  • 03:37: Did shooting at random help you decide on a genera?
  • 05:45: Who inspires you?
  • 07:33: Does hanging out shooting with models ever complicate things between you and your wife?
  • 09:10: What would you say the pros and cons of social media are?
  • 12:34: Women/models being treated unfairly coming to the surface.
  • 15:30: What are some ways you think we could ease the friction between models and photographers?
  • 17:54: Models speak up.
  • 20:03: What advise do you have for photographers wanting to shift into portrait photography?
  • 22:17: Whats the educate for collaboration with models?
  • 26:59: Final words of wisdom.


Thank you for listening! Please comment below and let us know what you thought of this episode! You can follow Gerson’s work on Instagram for more inspiration!

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  • Dr. Nicolas Vincent Rao says:

    I came to Instagram to see good photography. There is a lot of junk. and mine is no exception. However, I have had my days, wonany international competitions etc in my 50 years of Photography come July this year. My 0hotos on Instagram are not a representation of my work as I lost almost everything in the great pod of Chennai, India in December 2015. Slowly getting my.life back. Thousands of transparencies, prints and darkroom gone. But, I hope to buy equipment again and start shooting good stuff again. Meanwhile I am relearning in digital what is good and what isn’t. I was impressed by your page and your website. Congratulations.

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