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Developing Your Creative Style ft. @shortstache | AOV: To the Point

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Developing Your Creative Style


To stay consistent, Garrett experiments with variety of situations and environments where not everything is guaranteed. He mixes up the location (mountains vs. beach), lighting, and subject matter. Being outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself within your comfort zone will help develop consistency.


Lighting definitely plays a roll in the end product, but don’t be afraid to play around in mid-day sunlight. It’s easy to capture an incredible image during golden hour, but if you can master the art of any hour, you’re ahead of the game. Putting yourself in these tough situations will not only push your boundaries, but also mold yourself into a more versatile creative. Take Garrett’s advice, and don’t pigeon hole yourself to a specific style.


You don’t have to be in the PNW to shoot an incredible image. Find majesty in the mundane. Garrett is from a small town in Texas and was able to create content in the unseen places. Be inspired by your own surroundings!

Working with Brands

Brands will automatically be drawn to content creators who fit their aesthetic, so don’t be too hard on yourself if it’s not a fit. Chances are there’s dozens of companies that will be a fit. Understand your style and understand the brand’s style. Moody aligns with moody and bright & airy will align with bright & airy.
Pro Tip: Don’t confuse your style by forcing a partnership that doesn’t align.

Advice to New Creatives

  • Don’t skip the journey! There’s no easy come up.
  • Stop trying to mask someone else’s success.
  • Shoot something that hasn’t been shot before and do it in a way that hasn’t been done before.
  • You’re a creative – who cares if nobody likes it.
  • If it’s something that you’re truly passionate about, it will come through in your work.
Garrett King

Photographer / Videographer

Ambitious hustler born and raised in Texas and now resides in Huntington Beach, CA. An adventurous lifestyle with a knack for change are what make him constantly growing as a person. Both inspired and humbled daily by others around him. Constantly driven by talented others who are hungry for success. The blending of lifestyle type photography with the push of adventure, are what make up his unique aesthetic. He engages in videography as well whether it’s in the air or on the ground, capturing the moments in all their glory.

The name “Short Stache” comes from an old mustache growing contest between an old friend and myself. At the time we were shooting short films about inspiring people that no one had really heard of around the town we grew up in. Rising victorious, I kept the name and thought it was unique and easy to remember. I think that having your own sense of style and aesthetic are what make you, you. Build that style and own it. Create to inspire and explore your boundaries daily.

I’ve worked with the following clients: Alpine Modern, Budweiser, Highland Park Whiskey, Forsake, Danner Boots, Samsung, LG, Leica, Teva, ORU Kayak, Lander, ASUS, Sony, G.H. Bass, Matador, Avis Car Rental, Mercedes Benz, Smartcar, Infiniti, and several others

AOV: To The Point

We created this micro series for quick tips, tutorials, and inspiration to fuel you on your creative journey. ⁣ Less time watching, more time creating.

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