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Choosing Your Next Camera ft. @jasonvmedia | AOV: To the Point

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Choosing Your Next Camera

When you’re first starting out, purchasing a camera can seem like quite the feat with so much content circling the internet. We met up with Jason Vong & Vivienne Lee to discuss what you should look for when selecting a new camera + gear.

Don’t Get Caught Up with the Latest & Greatest

Are you wanting to capture photos, video, or both? Most of the time, purchasing gear that’s a few years old will do the same job as the newest release. Don’t feel like you have to start out with the top of the line. The best part about camera gear is that it rarely goes out of style meaning that you can resell it for about the same price you purchased it for when you want to take another step up in gear.


Save your money on the camera so that you can invest in top-notch lenses. Use the fifty fifty rule: spend the same money on lenses as you did your camera. Purchasing premium glass will assist in giving you crisp photos/footage.

Do Your Research

When choosing your lenses, do your research! Depending on what you’re shooting, look for reviews on the different lenses you’re considering. Search YouTube and Instagram to get an idea of what focal length will best suite you.

Get Out & Shoot

Get involved with the creative community to stay inspired and keep each other accountable.

Jason Vong

Hybrid Shooter

Jason Vong is a professional wedding filmmaker and a YouTube content creator. Known as a “hybrid shooter”, he enjoys producing YouTube videos splashed with his humorous personality. His videos are focused around educating professionals and enthusiasts alike on how to unlock the full potential of their cameras when used in videography and photography.

With his industry expertise, Jason has hosted multiple workshops at local camera stores as well as given talks at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the NAB Show in Las Vegas. In his spare time, he enjoys taking photographs of his collection of gear, dealing with symptoms of GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), being an instagram boyfriend and trying out every taco truck Los Angeles has to offer.

AOV: To The Point

We created this micro series for quick tips, tutorials, and inspiration to fuel you on your creative journey. ⁣ Less time watching, more time creating.

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