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Film x Street Photography ft. @killthecity | AOV: To the Point

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Film x Street Photography

Nick Rufo is an LA born, raised  & based creative who works in both digital and film photography. Much of the inspiration comes from the city he lives in.

“I appreciate colors and certain subjects, and how a lot of different things can come together and make an interesting composition and story within an image.”

We met up with Nick to talk about what digital shooters should know before getting into film.

When Starting Out

For an easy transition into film photography, start out with 35mm film before moving to medium format. Like anything else, ease into it by getting a less expensive option. You can purchase your set-up from somewhere like Ebay or a local camera store.

What To Know

When moving from digital to film photography, patience is key. You won’t be able to see your results right away, so learn to be patient in all aspects. Nick went through 3-4 rolls of film before getting comfortable with shooting film.

Planning Ahead

Make sure to scout out your location ahead of time to make sure the lighting is ideal at the time you’ll be shooting.

Camera Settings

Because Nick has been shooting film for awhile, he’s able to gauge which settings are best for each location and time of day. When starting out, don’t be afraid to download apps to your phone to assist in your decision making. The nice thing about film is that it has so much latitude and dynamic range, so you don’t need stress too much about getting the settings exact.


Anything that catches your eye, shoot it. The more you shoot, the more you’ll know what you enjoy shooting.

Nick Rufo

Digital/Film Photographer

Nick Rufo is a 23-year-old visual artist born, raised and currently based in Los Angeles. He’s a digital and film photographer shooting a wide array of subject matter, and also works a bit on music videos both filming and directing.

Nick’s main passion is shooting on film, hitting the streets and exploring every corner and alleyway. But at the very core of it all, he loves coming across the unexpected and even seemingly mundane, and giving people a perspective that they might not have found otherwise.

See more of Nick’s work.

AOV: To The Point

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