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Meet Brian Chorski a photographer based out of San Francisco who we sat down with to talk about his adventures abroad, plans for going full-time and more.

Taking each moment for what it’s worth, Brian tells us about his unplanned travels and friendships made through the proper use of media. This episode of the podcast is lighthearted and informative. Get inspired to go travel and put plans into action.








Time-stamped notes from this episode.

  • 00:41: Basic Introduction.
  • 01:33: The truth about full time.
  • 02:34: How did you get into photography in the first place?
  • 05:19: What was the catalyst to deciding to take photography more seriously?
  • 08:47: How has social media helped you out as a photographer?
  • 11:01: Why do you want to go full time?
  • 11:47: What is your most far out dream?
  • 14:40: LIfe is learning and growing.
  • 17:43: Tell us a little more about your traveling.
  •  21:02: WHy a lack of planning can be a good thing.
  • 23:07: What did you learn while traveling?
  • 31:18: Closing statements.








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