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How to Shoot in High Contrast Light: AOV l Back to Basics

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How to Shoot in High Contrast Light

In the second episode of our “Back to Basics” series we highlight three methods to improving your photography game in harsh light conditions. Connor from AOV breaks down each of these techniques and shows his process of editing in Lightroom Mobile CC with his iPhone 8.

The first broad daylight photography hack is using shadows to your advantage. They can add interesting elements to your photos such as symmetry and leading lines. For this photo the subject is centered in the frame, and there is a drastic change of light (left side) to dark (right side). Make sure the shadows are never distracting to the overall photo, but instead enhances the image and supports the look you are going for in the photo.

Tip number two is experimenting with shooting directly into the sunlight. This creates a unique look of high contrast between the elements of the photo and the subject. Additionally, you often will get a beautiful glow behind your subject. In most cases, this technique breaks the rules of photography. However, for very bright conditions you have to think outside of the box, learn from new techniques, and break the traditional mold.

The final tip is to look for textures and details. Macro Photography can be achieved in most lighting conditions if done correctly. Remember that the details in an image create the big picture. So, try different angles, zoom in, and see what your camera is able to capture.

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AOV: Back to Basics

We started this educational series as a beginner’s guide to quick tips, tutorials, and more.⁣ Less time watching, more time creating.

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