Intentional Adventure

The Peru Project

Earlier this year, we met up with our friends from Proof Eyewear and HELP International for The Peru Project. We spent over a week traveling throughout the country and serving a variety of communities.

We discovered that even the most simple acts can be impactful whether that be providing on-site healthcare screenings or donating bedding to a family in need. Thanks to HELP International’s expertise in empowering people around the globe, we were able to make this adventure intentional with every person we met along the way.

Travel Journal:

The Peru Project Journal // March 2019

We firmly plant our roots in the belief that "Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help." This principle fuels our annual Do Good Program; supporting people and places needing a little more help.

The Impact

Dollars Donated
People Given Eye Care
People Given Dental Care
Trees Donated/Planted

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