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Jess Lowis is a nineteen-year-old photographer, entrepreneur, and visionary. He founded @ozshotmag, a community that highlights the underrated photographers of the world while working full-time and creating his own personal art.

Join us as we dive into Jess’s travels, experiences, and advice. The @Ozshotmagazine strives to showcase and publish talented artist from all walks of life.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

    • 00:39: Basic Introduction.
    • 01:57: How did you get started in photography?
    • 02:14: Urban Exploration.
    • 03:02: What inspired you to start @ozshotmag
    • 04:12: What does being a sell out mean to you?
    •  06:10: A little more about the mag.
    • 07:15: How do you create a magazine? Even on a small scale.
    • 08:40: Do you have any recommendations for online resources for printing a magazine?
    • 09:27: Why is the mag physical instead of digital?
    • 10:16: How do you feel about printing your work?
    •  10:58:  What are some ways you can make money with your prints?
    •  11:55: Who inspires you?
    • 13:10: What do you struggle with most as an artist?
    • 13:54: How do you deal with criticism?
    • 15:36: Fans Vs. Followers
    • 18:51: How do balance your many responsibilities?
    • 23:02: Tell us about your lowest lows through this journey.

32:33: “True Success requires Sacrafise”

    • 32:33: “True Success requires Sacrifice”

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