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From river beds to mountain peaks and everything in between; Tales of travel, struggle, growth and why it is ALL worth it. @morksolon shares his wisdom gained through experiences with nature and legends.

Mark is a Managing Partner at Techstars Ventures, where they helped launch companies like Uber. Previously, he co-founded and was Managing Partner of  Highway 12 Ventures and has been investing in and working with startups since 1995. Mark is an avid explorer, he’s an Art of Visuals Team photographer, as well as one of our advisors. He’s living his life to fullest was willing to sit down and share some of his experiences with us.

Click to tweet: “Any day that I am not outdoors with my feet touching the earth and dirt, is a day that I feel I’ve lost.” – Mark Solon


Named after the biblical figures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this majestic set of sandstone cliffs in Zion National Park is known as The Court of the Patriarchs.


There’s absolutely nothing quite like opening your eyes in the middle of the night, feeling the cold mountain air on your face and gazing at the celestial heavens above. It’s an experience I can’t get enough of.


Every single person is born with a gift. If we as a society did more to help young people discover and cultivate their gifts, imagine the creative energy we’d unleash…


Time stamped notes from this episode!

    • 00:26: Why don’t you give the audience a little background on yourself.
    • 01:17: What was your introduction to Art Of Visuals?
      • 02:24: Before we even get into photography, When did you become an Adventurer?

 04:57  “ Because what I have discovered through the outdoors is that,m, when I get away from all this, my phone, my computer, technology, and I get into the wilderness. I’m rented. And any day that I am not outdoors with feet touch the earth and dirt is a day that I feel I’ve lost.”


      • 07:05: What do you think the top three take aways of getting outside are?
      • 10:08: Story; LOST IN MOAB
      •   12:43: What was the scariest, most interesting, extreme moment you’ve ever had while adventuring?
      • 15:41: Story – RIVER RAPIDS

18:09  “ Every adult male is a miracle” – Pam (Mark’s wife)

      • 19: 54: Story;  SUMMITING THE GRAND TETONS
      • 23:08: It sounds like a liberating place to be, time is ticking so let’s live.
      •   26:38:  How do we preserve our environment?
      • 27: 30: Sounds like you and Pam have an idea of what your ultimate adventure rig looks like…
      • 29:38: How did you get into photography?
      • 37:53: Meeting Chris Burkard.
      • 40:45: Chris described in a story.

43:20: “ This is why greatness happens. When you are willing to suffer for your art.

      • 44:30: What is a piece of advice that you learned from being out with Chris
      • 48:20: Is there a vision for your art?
      •  51:55:  Parting advice.

I’ve never seen a piece of art hanging in a gallery that can touch what Mother Nature treats us to every evening.

Thank you for joining us for another inspiring episode of the Art Of Visuals podcast.




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