@PaulClark | The time is now to take ownership of your life.

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Say hello to @Paulclark, Bay area photographer from Salt Lake. As a full time Accountant Paul faces the crossroads of passion and security. 

Paul is one of those photographers with a unique and natural talent. The kind you can spot and recognize without an Instagram handle. Join us as Paul shares more about his life and love.

Time stamped notes from this episode:

  • 02:28: Tell us more about yourself? 
  • 03:28: How did you get into photography? 
  • 04:51: Making friends after collage. 
  • 07:24: Whats your path? Are you happy with your life? 
  • 10:55: What was your favorite moment of photography thus far? 
  • 13:04: Do you want to move into any other mediums? 
  • 14:33: How do you feel about Instagram. 
  • 17:25: Who inspires you? 
  • 20:33: Do you ever print your work? 
  • 21:18:  How do you feel about road trips? 
  • 23:56: Where is the first place out of country you want to go? 
  • 27:19: Have you ever thought about doing a local gallery or anything like that? 
  • 30:06: What do you think some of the keys to living a good life are? 
  • 36:18: Dealing with fear. 
  • 43:09: How do you deal with creative blocks? 
  • 47:21: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
  • 50:07: Final words of wisdom. 

Thank you for joining us on this episode of the Art Of Visuals Podcast! You can check out @Paulclark’s work on Instagram or on the AOV app. 

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