Sal D’Alia | Creator of the web series ‘Through The Lens’ on Adorama

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Say hello to Sal D’Alia, creator of the web series ‘Through The Lens’ on Adorama,  Sony Alpha Collective member and all around inspiring content creator.

Sal grew up in Milan Italy, where he chose to study art and more specifically video production. He jumped straight into the work force and after several years of working with Food Network moved to NYC where he holds a job with Adorama creating original content. As a one man team he travels the world making documentary style videos highlighting photographers and their creative process.







Time Stamped Notes From This Episode:

  • 00:56: Tell us a little bit more about yourself?
  • 02:40: So being from Milan, would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
  • 04:10: How long have you worked at Adorama?
  • 04:31: How did you fall in love with photography/filmmaking?
  • 05:40: Would you recommend going to school for filmmaking?
  • 08:50: How long have you been doing content creation? What was the first series that you created?
  • 10:59: Hw many shows have you created?
  • 13:02: Sneak preview into Sal’s new series.
  • 15:16: Through The Lens, how it got started.
  • 19:46: What does your workflow look like?
  • 22:01: What does your post production process look like?
  • 25:09: How do you pick your subjects for ‘Through The Lens’ ?
  • 27:25: Are you ever disappointed by the character of influencer upon meeting them in person?
  • 29:23: How do you help relieve shyness when interviewing people?
  • 31:54: What advice do you have for anyone wanting to create their own show?
  • 32:41: Who would you contact to try get funding or exposure to a show?
  • 39:50: What are the big goals for your creative career?
  • 40:59: Final words of wisdom.

Thank you for listening to another episode of the AOV podcast! There are currently 93 episodes live on Adorama and youtube! Be sure to go get inspired by Sal D’Alia!

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