@shortstache | Life, Liberty and the pursuit of perfect tones.

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@shortstache is a well know lifestyle and adventure photographer living in the PNW. Join us as we discuss the path to success, the importance of human connection and more.

Garrette King is an Ambitious hustler born and raised in Texas and now residing in Fort Collins, Colorado. An adventurous lifestyle with a knack for change is what help him constantly grow as a person. He’s both inspired and humbled daily by others around him and Constantly driven by the talented artists who are hungry for success.

The blending of lifestyle photography with the splash of adventure, are what make up his unique aesthetic. He engages in videography as well whether it’s in the air or on the ground, capturing the moments in all their glory.

You can follow him on Instagram @shortstache or on his website right here!

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 01:52: Basic introduction.
  • 04:05: His humble beginnings.
  • 10:23: How did you get started and which one came first? Filmmaking and photography.
  •  13:57: Meet @mellathepup
  • 17:39: Early influential relationships and how they helped shape the person you are today.
  • 29:53: Are you still designing and if so what type of projects are you working on?
  • 32:50: Focussing on building your strengths.
  • 33:21: Winter 2014 the shift into landscape photography.
  • 41:38: How did you develop your signature color pallet and photography style?
  • 49:54: Future plans: editing tutorials.
  • 55:27: Stories of travel.
  • 01:07:41: What kind of music do you listen to?
  • 01:10:45: questions from the community!
    • @riche.d asked Will Shortstache ever do an editing tutorial?
    • @jonwyatt116 asked are your tones done in LR or PS? He’s always wondered how you get those perfect hues.
    • @Jamespoppe asked what are the drawbacks of being a travel photographer? Are there times when you lose motivation and interest and what do you do during those moments?
    • @zacherydavid_ asked if no one ever saw your photos would you still be doing photography?
    • @schorschal asked what’s the key to create the soft matte tones in Lightroom. 
  • 01:19:39: Ending words of wisdom.

Thank you for joining us on another episode of the Art Of Visuals podcast! Comment below and let us know your thoughts and questions! Until next time, stay inspired my friends.



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  • austin pangcog says:

    who is the host that is speaking with garrette? He (host) never said his name

    • Hey Austin! Sorry, our editor forgot the intro on that episode. My name is Prince Mcclinton. Founder of Art of Visuals and Host of the AOV podcast. I was actually under the weather during that episode. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Cheers,

  • austin pangcog says:

    Ohh okay thank you for responding back and thank you for the clarification

  • @sethvband says:

    I’ve put in litterally 100s of hours trying to figure out how to do it. It started with just being curious, I’m not trying to copy him or his palette or anything. I just need to know man, but it’s grown into a legitimate obsession, I hate it, and honestly I love it

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