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Artist Insight with Ryan Longnecker

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Artist Insight with Ryan Longnecker

We sat down with Ryan (@ryanlongnecker) to ask him some question about his background with photography, what gear he uses, tips and tricks he has for the community and much more.


My name is Ryan Longnecker , I’m a professional outdoor, travel, and landscape photographer and creative director based out of Long Beach, CA.

All images were created using @ryanlongnecker’s presets!

What gear do you use?

Canon 5d Mark IV, 24-70, 70-200, Sigma 35, rokinon 14, Slik Tripods, DJI Phantom and Mavic drones.

Have any tips & tricks you would like to share?

Tips for shooting:

Shoot Raw, flat, and think of how to communicate the scene that’s actually in front of you rather than what you imagined it would be

Tips for editing:

look at the camera calibration panel at the bottom of Lightroom, a lot of really cool color edits happen in this panel alone.

What is the goal of the presets?

The Goal of these presets is to give people a nuanced adjustment to start developing their own style. The adjustments are based on a mixture of my creative preferences and color theory to achieve soft and complimentary tones.

Why did you create this set of presets?

I created this set because I have continued to develop in my ability and appreciation of color and want to make available what I understand now.

A complete list of included presets!

  • AOV 1: A slight pastel teal/amber shift with crushed shadows
  • AOV 2: Higher contrast than 1 with muted blues and clarity
  • AOV 3:  The most dramatic of the color presets meant to be paired with specific WB balancing and exposure to match the pop
  • AOV BW 1:  Moody and grainy, crushed highlights, and specifically to add the drama of infrared BW images with a muted blue sky which can be adjusted in HSL panels
  • AOV BW 2: A much more standard digital b&w, meant to be balanced with shadows/highlights or regions sliders after application
  • AOV PORTRAIT: Meant to get your point to a textured and even tone to then adjust the basic panel for many different portrait applications.

Thank you for joining us in introducing Ryan’s new premium preset pack! Use them to bring your imagery to the next level!

Stay inspired my friends!






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