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Hawaii’s Infamous Stairway To Heaven: What you need to know

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Aloha! Let’s Talk About Somewhere Epic:

My name is Vince, a photographer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii.  I wanted to talk about Haiku Stairs, aka Stairway to Heaven.  

Stairway to Heaven

Over recent years this hike has become synonymous with Hawaii.  I can’t even tell you how many people have told me that this location is on their bucket list.

This hike is illegal, if you do go,
you bear the consequences.

I have heard of people getting

fined anywhere from

$1000 – $1500 dollars

It’s a viral spot on  Instagram, twitter, facebook, Pinterest, blogs, pretty much all forms of social media. Let me first mention that this hike is illegal and that if you do go, you bear the consequences.  I’ve heard of people   getting fined $1000 up to $1500

The hype about Haiku Stairs is real! 

Truly it’s an unforgettable experience.  Roughly 4000 steps to the top as you walk on the spine of a ridge.  For those of you who are scared of heights, save yourself the trouble and do not go on this hike.  There are a few sections of stairs where you are completely vertical,

Just imagine the drop-off!

 As you make your way up the first set of stairs, you will start to climb above interstate H3.  Which is probably my favorite drive on all of Oahu.  You are completely surrounded by the Ko’olau Mountain range and on days when it storms, the entire mountain range is covered with waterfalls.  I am in no way saying to hike Haiku stairs when it’s raining, just enjoy the view of the waterfalls from the car.

The Weather Decides… 

Your view at the top of the hike is solely determined by the weather, and the area is unpredictable.  Everyone has their preferences of what they want to see.

Atop the Stairway To Heaven

 Some love it completely cloudy and moody while others hope for it to be clear.  My favorite is a mix of both.  I love that feeling of being above the clouds while still being able to see down at the town bellow.  My advice for anyone that attempts this hike is to not have your hopes up about the what you see at the top.  Just take it all in, enjoy the experience that’s what it’s really about. 

Your view at the top of the hike is solely determined by the weather, and the area is unpredictable.

Shoot While you Can! Or Forever Hold Your Peace! 

H3 from The Staircase To Heaven

Take as many pictures as you can because every shot is amazing up there.  For those of you going on this hike,  please be respectful of the people who live in the neighborhood. Make sure you take your trash with you.  A hike that beautiful does not deserve to be littered with wrappers and empty bottles.  I really hope you guys enjoyed some of the pictures I’ve taken up there.  The people who have already hiked Stairway can attest to the beauty,  and to those who plan on hiking it, I hope you get to experience it for yourselves.  

Thank you and Aloha! @vincelimphoto

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