@Emmett_Sparling | Journeys around the world for perspectives never seen before!

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Emmett Sparling is an adventure photographer currently traveling around the globe, working with brands and capturing stunning imagery. Join us in this episode of the AOV Podcast as Emmett shares stories from the road and explains how he is able to afford mass travel.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 01:36: Basic introduction.
  • 02:07: How did you get into photography?
  • 03:11: Starting with Macro.
  • 05:29: Do you print your work?
  • 06:40: A year and a half as a fashion photographer.
  • 07:30: Story: Broken camera three days before leaving to Mexico.
  • 09:44: Who do you look at for photography inspiration.
  •  10:57: What are you a fan of that you don’t necessarily show in your own work?
  • 12:27: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you while on a shoot?
  • 15:12: World travel.
  • 15:55: How do you afford to travel as much as you do?
  • 17:07: IS there any part that is specifically difficult to you?
  • 18:06: What is your favorite place yo have traveled to?
  • 18:30: New perspectives: Rainbow Mnt. Story.
  • 24:35: Where is your dream place to visit?
  • 26:24: Midevil knights.
  • 29:45: What is the worst thing that has happened on a trip?
  • 30:44: How you ever found yourself in extreme weather conditions?
  • 34:39: What do you struggle with?
  • 35:57: What do you hope your art does for other people?
  • 37:19: Short film experience.
  • 43:05: What are some words of wisdom for our audience?

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