@VisitIdaho | An insiders look into the tourism industry and steps for taking successful action.

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How do content creators afford to travel? Often times in partnership with tourism companies. Join us as we hear from Andrea, of Visit Idaho, and learn how to approach and build relationships with tourism.

Andrea explains the proper way to reach out, purpose your ideas and stay in good relation with tourism companies around the world.  We also learn more about the hidden beauty of the gem state and the importance of knowing licensing information.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 00:31: Basic introduction.
  • 00:48: What does the acronym DMO stand for?
  •  01:38: What is the purpose of a state agency like Visit Idaho.
  • 02:04: What is it that excited you most about the state of social media and the travel industry?
  •  03:10: What are the common types of content that tourism agencies may be in search of?
  • 04:04: What are the most common partnerships tourism agencies might engage in with influencers and/or bloggers?
  • 05:30: What is the easiest way for a photographer to reach out to a tourism company and get a free trip somewhere?
  • 09:56: Is using hashtags a good way to get your content noticed with tourism agencies?
  • 10:44: What is the proper way for a content creator to reach out to a tourism company?
  • 16:40: What should you provide in that first introductory email?
  • 17:32: Should you be researching the tourism agency beforehand?
  • 22:12: Any other advice you would give to content creators looking to engage with tourism companies?
  • 26:44: What is it you love most about working for Visit Idaho.
  • 38:55: Final words of advice.

Thank you for joining us on another episode of the Art Of Visuals podcast. Below are some resources you can download, read up on and use. I encourage you to click the links below! Thank you all, stay inspired!

Tourism Outreach Email Template

Licencing Information


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