@jacobwitzling | Cabineer, second grade teacher and magical atmosphere maker.

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@jacobwitzling is a cabin builder and 2nd-grade teacher with a unique eye for design. His cabins are known for their one of a kind architecture and ability to fit in perfectly with their environments.

Until Last April Jacob had never even heard of Instagram. That is until influencers and photographer from all around started hitting him up to come and photograph his magical creations. In this episode of the Art Of Visuals podcast, we sit down with Jacob to hear his story.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 00:19: Basic Introduction.
  • 02:10: Why and how did you get involved with cabin building?
  • 08:13: Paying to build his first few cabins? Why?
  • 13:31: How much does it cost to build a little cabin?
  • 22:20: Using salvaged materials to save money and add character.
  • 25:45: When you were living in your cabins what were you doing for work?
  • 31:10: Prince shares a personal story from his stay in the octagon cabin.
  • 32:34: With your cabin is there anything you do that is special to set yours apart from others?
  • 41:05: Who was the first instagramer to come and stay in one of your cabins?
  • 48:48: Your cabins have received a lot of really cool pres, where have they been featured? Aside from Instagram.
  • 51:04: Can people rent your cabins?
  • 54:35: Jacob’s personal life; How his relationship with Sarah Underwood started!
  • 1:03:51: Final words of wisdom.

Thank you for joining us on another episode of the Art Of Visuals Podcast! You can follow Jacob on Instagram @jacobwitzling.

Be sure to comment below and let us know who you would like us to sit down with next! Until next time, stay inspired!



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