Jeff Reynolds | Travel hacking. Don’t let money stop you.

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Jeff Reynold’s work has been featured in The New York Times, Good Morning America and Fast company among others. He graduated from the winter class in 2013 from Y Combinator, one the world’s  most prestigious technology incubators.

Most of all Jeff is a globe trotter and he has been all over the world and he has done it for cheap through travel hacking. He is a genius when it comes to traveling on a budget. He writes amazing content for us to help make your dreams of travel a reality.

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Time stamped notes from this episode!

    •  01:05: Jeff Introduction: Background information.
    • 02:04: Travel addict.
    • 02:15: When did that craze, the inner love for travel, start?
    • 04:45 What is it you like about the dirt bag life?
    •  05:50: What is it you love about traveling?
    • 07:05 What do you take away from being submersed in new cultures?
    • 08:49: How do you go about submersing yourself in a new culture upon arrival?
    • 14:07:  Money, in foreign countries. Exchanging currencies.
    • 17:17: Pro tip!
    • 18:36: With a family of four, how many trips do you take a year? and what is the average cost per trip?
    • 20:19: What is travel hacking?
    • 26:11 The fastest way to earn travel points!
    • 26:40: What is your favorite travel points credit card?
    • 30:17: Aside from credit cards; Other great ways to save money while traveling.
    • 34:11: Are people who can work remotely at an advantage?
    • 36:15: Finding places to stay.

41:18:  “travel cheap, travel often.”

  •  45:38: Choosing locations to fit your budget.
  • 47:34: Building a buffer.
  • 53:07: Budget it into your life: Travel is a mindset.
  •  53:50: Working on the road.
  • 1:00:01 Closing statement.
Jeff Reynolds

Jeff Reynolds

If you are serious about wanting to start travel hacking. Check out these post by Jeff!


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