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Today we sit down with Jordan Hammond, a full-time photographer who left his old life behind to travel the world with his camera and lady.

Minutes after landing in Bali, Jordan sat down to chat with us on the podcast. We go over how he managed to live the life so many of us dream of, after only two years of photography experience! He shares personal stories and explains the sensitive balance of traveling full time with someone you love.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 01:03: Why don’t you let the community know a little bit more about yourself.
  • 02:21: Where do you stay at? Are you hopping from hostel to hostel?
  • 03:29: If you are always traveling how many personal belongings do you have?
  • 06:03: What’s the story, how did you go from hobby photographer to full time?
  • 07:16: What advice do you have for any newer photographer that is looking to switch to a full-time photographer and traveler?
  • 8:30: Camera gear talk.
  • 10:04: Traveling with a girlfriend, you guys are together all the time, how do you guys handle that?
  • 12:11: Who are some of your best pals that you love to travel with?
  • 13:26: Who would you say has the most similar style to yours?
  • 14:56: How did you get so good with light?
  • 17:21: So how many countries have you been to?
  • 19:41: What is one of your dream locations that you want to go visit?
  • 22:07: What other photographers inspire you on Instagram?
  • 24:22: How do you feel that social media has helped out your career?
  • 28:32: What do you think is the key to living a good life?
  • 33:37: How do you give back to other people and the environment?
  • 36:43: Final words of wisdom.

Thank you for joining us on another episode of the Art Of Visuals Podcast! Be sure to comment below, let us know what you thought and who you would like to hear next! Follow @jordhammond on Instagram to follow his adventures around the Globe?



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