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@krisvang | Artist Insight | Photographer Kristoffer Vangen

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We are excited to introduce Kristoffer Vangen (@krisvang), to the AOV community! He has taken the time to share his advice along with his sleek editing tools.

My name is Kristoffer Vangen, I´m a photographer based in Norway.



Why did you start taking photos?

I started photographing after I started seeing the beauty in nature. After traveling around to other countries I started too look at things a bit different. Sometimes you cant see the beauty right outside your door because your eyes are so accustomed to it.

What is one of the challenges you have faced in photography?

The greatest challenge for my photography where I live is the change of seasons and the rapid change of weather. There is always something to photograph, but you have to know when, where and what. And that changes constantly.


What is your favorite thing about photography?

My favorite thing about photography is that it makes me go out and see new places and meet new people! And I get to do something creative, that both myself and others can appreciate.

Do you have any advice for editing and taking photos?

When editing it´s easy to overdo it. Sometimes I need to take a break and look away from the computer screen to adjust my eyes. When I come back I often step things down a little bit. I always look over my picture twice to make sure it looks the way I really want it too.

When shooting I always take some extra shots. Trying some new angles and some different settings on the camera. I don´t spray and pray, but sometimes you can have multiple great shots of a single scene, that feels completely different. Why capture just one?


On the editing front there are a few things that I consistently do.                   

      1. Make sure the horizon is straight, unless there is a special reason for it not to be.

      2. Often make a white and a black point, images usually get more depth that way.

      3. Look at images that I´ve made before, try to make it look similar.

      4. Try to have a vision of what I want my image to look like when it´s done.


What gear do you use?

I use a Nikon camera (D810) and mostly Nikkor lenses. For droning, I use a DJI Mavic PRO. All my lenses are primes. 

Why did you create this set of presets?

I would like to share some of my experience with others because a lot of people have done that for me. This is a easy way to do that. Also I see a lot of presets that are great for sunsets and colourful  summer scenes, but my presets are based on midday photos. They should be great for making something exiting out of photos with “flat light”. There is also two presets that are made especially for aurora and night sky photos, because thats a big part of what I do!



What do we get with your preset pack?  

You get two presets that are made especially for aurora and night sky photos. The other three are made for photos taken during the day and should work great for any season during the year. They are pretty desaturated, but they still work great after a little color boost if that is desired.


Desaturated and almost monochrome preset made for northern lights and night sky photos. Great if you want less color and a moody feel.


A little desaturated, but keeps the green feel in photos of the northern lights. Gives the photo a clear and contrasty look.


The name pretty much covers this one. Gives a moody and almost spooky look.


This is made for summer days. Gives water a bright blue/green color with looks warm and tempting.


Pretty versatile as long as you want a cold feel to your photo. It´s based on blue color, but also lets the rest of the color spectrum peek through. Clear, cold and contrasty.

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