@MaddyMooon | Female photographer traveling SE Asia alone.

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Madison Garrett is a twenty-three-year-old photographer who took the leap of faith and travels solo around the globe. Join us as we dissect her first trip to SE Asia and gather tips for the solo female traveler.

Maddy won’t be the first to tell you that traveling alone comes with its own set of risks. But the reward is astounding. Learn from the experience of others and start living out your dreams. In this episode of the Art Of Visuals podcast, we cover budgeting, safety, planning, packing and more. You can follow Maddy on more of her adventures @maddymooon.

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Time-stamped notes from this episode!

  • 00:21: Basic introduction.
  • 00:58: Why did you get into photography?
  • 01:23: What other doors and opportunities did photography bring into your life?
  • 02:10: Traveling to Southeast Asia, by yourself, as a woman.
  • 02:58: Was there any point before taking off on the plane that you were afraid? Debated not going?
  • 03:48 What was it like once you touched down?  And where was your first destination?
  • 04:38: Destination Number two.
  • 05:31: How were you spending your time?
  • 06:12: Did you use Instagram or other social media to connect with people in your area? Or how did you meet new people?
  • 06:41: Any tips on breaking the ice with locals in foreign countries?
  • 07:42: Where you nervous at all having your camera equipment with you? How did you keep it safe?
  • 08:24: Where there times where you felt uncomfortable or was it more relaxed than you imagined?
  • 09:32: Travel Tip! Keeping your status secret.
  • 09:50: Traveling on a budget; What did it cost you to spend three months in SE Asia?
  • 11:17: Do you have any tips or tricks on how to save money in preparation for travel?
  • 11:50: What was your living situation like while traveling?
  • 13:13: What was your favorite place that you visited?
  •  14:04: Staying a few nights with a foreign family.
  • 15:28: Wha do you pack on a three-month backpacking trip?
  •  17:11: Were there any consumer goods that surprised you?
  • 17:43: What was the most adventurous thing that you did on this trip?
  •  18:11: What was the scariest thing that happened on your trip?
  • 20:12: Travel tip number two! Safe taxi travel.
  • 20:39: Any other safety tips?
  •  21:39: Did you get a chance to run into the digital nomad community out there?
  • 22:35: What are some lessons you learned through travel?
  •  24:43: What are the advantages of traveling alone?
  • 25:25: What are some of the disadvantages of traveling alone?
  • 26:01: How did traveling to SE Asia effect your photography?
  • 27:05: Moments of complete presence.
  • 28:28: Is there anyone you met on the road that stood out to you?
  • 29:56: Closing statements: Words of wisdom.

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