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The Complete Levitation Tutorial | With @Christopher.james

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Christopher James is a Hawaii based photographer who made a name for himself by creating narrative images containing (what appears to be) the act of levitation.

If you’ve spent time viewing photography on Instagram you have likely come across an image using this mesmerizing technique. The first time I saw one I desperately wanted to make one of my own. But with minimal photoshop skills (at the time) assumed it was out of reach.

Turns out with the correct steps in place and some simple planning done ahead of time, this photography technique is easily achieved.  Christopher has mastered the craft of levitation and created a course making this technique simple to understand and replicate.

Wanna learn too? Check out our levitation tutorial here! 

We have teamed up with Christopher so that you can learn this technique as well!

What will I get when I purchase the tutorial?

  • Video Tutorial! This video is all about levitation photography. And unlike other tutorials you’ll find, this isn’t photoshop heavy. Instead, Christopher focuses on the in-camera and on-location techniques to make your job in post and on set as effortless as possible. 

Check out this quick video trailer for Christopher’s levitation video! 

 The tutorial also comes with a full paged blog post with in-depth written instructions covering: 

  • Developing Narrative
  • Outfits & Fabric Choices
  • Fabric Lengths
  • The support distance rule
  • Fabric Density
  • Timing
  • Positioning
  • Model Communication & Posing

This levitation technique is guaranteed to work if following the correct process Christopher will teach you in this tutorial. If you want to create your own works of levitation art don’t hesitate to check it out below!

AOV X Christopher.James Levitation tutorial!

Follow @christopher.james for more photography inspiration and levitation tips!




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