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Simple Mobile Editing | AOV: Back to Basics

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Simple Mobile Editing

Art of Visuals’ “Back to Basics” series provides the insights and practices of experienced photographers and presents the capabilities of the camera that everybody already has in their pocket.

Don’t have an expensive DSLR? No worries. You’re still able to easily capture clean and crisp photos with just your phone and a few handy apps. Quick edits to your photo can lead you on the path to an astoundingly edited photo. With our help, you’ll have your friends questioning whether or not your photos were taken on a phone in the first place.

Taken with an iPhone 8 in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC in-app camera.

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC app provides a great launching pad to begin enhancing your mobile photos. Simple enhancements by tweaking exposure, highlights and shadows (shown above) will produce a more clean and crisp image. Creating a more pleasing viewer experience.

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AOV: Back to Basics

We started this educational series as a beginner’s guide to quick tips, tutorials, and more.⁣ Less time watching, more time creating.

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